From Fishtown to Fairmount to Queen Village and Passyunk Square  

Personally and professionally, Lena’s life is driven by people, place, and style. From Fishtown to Kensington to Fitler Square, or a deep dive into Passyunk, Lena is equally comfortable, and equally capable, with clients who are prepared to pursue the best.

Lena knows a good build out, first hand. She has a keen sense of how to blend historic architecture in Fairmount with modern style. Her neighborhood knowledge from Fishtown to parts of Passyunk is learned from the inside out. Most importantly, Lena knows people. She talks to people, not at them. Lena listens, and takes note. Lena cares, and builds relationships that carry on for years beyond the settlement table.

As a partner in her husband’s company, A-Frame Constructs, Lena is a tastemaker contributing to the look and experience of projects throughout the city; projects such as the restaurant and bar Martha, the Ruth Street Lofts in Kensington, the Lunar Inn in Port Richmond, and the price shattering 725 E Thompson in Fishtown. As leasing manager of A-Frame’s residential properties in Fishtown, Kensington, and throughout Philadelphia, and with a decade of experience producing and styling photo shoots for boutique and international fashion and lifestyle brands, Lena has combined those skill sets with her extraordinary capacity to quickly bond with people from all walks of life. She has established herself as an under the radar force in Fishtown, Kensington, and Passyunk real estate .

Lena takes the time to make sure every step of the home buying process is smooth and communications are clear. She puts her heart into her work, and her desire to find the right home for her clients inspires her to go the extra mile

If you are looking for a real estate professional that can curate your experience, and you are ready to elevate your sense of style, look no further than Lena Parsell.